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I started training with Paige so I could shift some extra weight and tone up all over. However my overall strength and fitness has improved so much in such a short amount of time and I’m ecstatic about the results I’m already seeing, I’m feeling learner, a lot more energetic and happier in my own body. Paige uses various bodyweight exercises and high intensity cardio workouts with the perfect balance to all our sessions. Not only does she tailor your workouts to your needs, she also is keen to share her knowledge on nutrition and meal plans to help you reach your body goals. All of Paige’s workouts are hard but always have an element of fun, which I love the most because now I actually enjoy exercising now!!! I’ve quit the gym and solely use Paige’s PT sessions and doing workouts at home as I found them far more effective both with cost & the results I’m getting. I can’t recommend Paige enough, and a few of my friends have now jumped on the bandwagon. I’m so excited to see where I’ll be in a couple of months time with Paige’s help. 

- Emily Harris

I started Working out with Paige a few months after having my second baby and now 7 months on our sessions have become such a valued and important part of my life.

We have worked on my fitness, strength, toning and also mindset and life goals.

Paige's ethos and method of training is an absolute breath of fresh air. She has expert knowledge in all aspects of fitness and training and helped correct my form right from the start.

Each workout is tailored to you and while fun, they are always hard work which is exactly want you want from a session. She is so encouraging and has total faith in you and your abilities.

My body always feels like it's had a thorough workout with an excellent and well thought out and planned session each week.

I have learnt so much from Paige. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication to her work is clear.

She is super energetic, fun, committed and inspirational and I can't recommend her enough.

- Georgina Chambers

Paige is one of the most motivated, influential, friendly and determined people I have met, and overall a great Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach to have by your side through your fitness journey. I started training with Paige a year ago to start doing more exercise and to generally tone up and its safe to say that this time a year ago I never thought id look forward to doing exercise or see the results that Paige has helped me to achieve. Paige is perfect for any girl/woman wanting to enjoy doing exercise, to be encouraged, pushed and finally the best part, to work out in a friendly studio with no one else around. I know from previous experiences, I wouldn’t have tried a lot of new exercises or pushed myself as much as I do now because I felt embarrassed with being in a busy gym and I know other girls are the same when you are not feeling 100% confident. Paige has helped me with this confidence, helped me to progress, tone up and introduced me to a whole new way of training that has lead me to loving exercising and enjoying an overall healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Paige to every girl/woman who is looking to start a fitness journey, whether it to be just to do more exercise in their day to day lives, to tone up or to lose weight and those who do not like being in a busy gym therefore would prefer to train one on one or even to workout alongside a friend.

- Hannah Blucher

I have been attending Paige's personal training sessions since September 2015 and started with 2 lessons a week. I hadn't exercised at all for about 10 years and was worried about exercising again but Paige eased me back into it and at first I couldn't do very much my stamina, flexibility and posture were very poor but in the space of a few months I am seeing results and feel so much better for it. I would like to thank Paige for making it such an easy and enjoyable process and recommend Paige so highly for anyone that wants to get back into fitness.

- Catherine Fynn

After suffering from a bad back for a number of years and not getting any better under the NHS I decided to take different action. After receiving many high recommendations for Paige I decided to give her a call.

Upon meeting it was clear she was interested in my case and willing to help, explaining that good posture is the key. Paige designed a programme to suit my needs and over several months of training I noticed a huge difference . My overall fitness levels and core strength improved and as a result my pain in my back pain disappeared.

At the start of the year Paige also spoke to me on our first session to discuss how I felt, in relation to fitness and also wellbeing. It really made me think about how I felt since I started training and what my new goals were for the coming year.

Not only have my fitness levels improved I feel more confident in myself and to my surprise really enjoy each session too!!

- Yivonne Taylor

I have tried a few personal trainers over the past 5 years but Paige is the first trainer that I’ve felt completely at ease and have enjoyed training with. I love being able to exercise in Paige’s private studio without the pressure of other people working out around you and being able to feel comfortable enough to do my exercises, speak up when I’m struggling and to ask questions. Paige is a breath of fresh air in that she is very understanding of everyone’s lifestyle and adapts work out routines and targets to individuals instead of setting generic, unrealistic goals. I know when I go to Paige that I will get a really good full hours work out and Paige keeps me motivated and pushes me to my full capability and most importantly I always feel like I’ve had a great work out and feel good in myself when I leave!

- Kimberly Hodgetts

I've been having sessions with Paige for 11 weeks now and can already see a massive difference from when I started. Not only does my body look different, but she's given me the motivation and guidance to eat more healthily and change my eating habits. The sessions are tough and I love that Paige changes my plan every week so I'm never doing the same routines and it never gets boring. Paige is an amazing influence and motivator and I look forward to the many more sessions ahead!

- Sarah Kent

I used to have a love hate relationship with working out and the gym, i would love the feeling after and watching my progress, but didn't like not knowing what to do properly and felt like I was being watched. I have had other trainers in the past but never changed this much in such a short time! Since training with Paige I can honestly say I have had a new out look on exercising, not only is it to look better but also to be healthy. I love that Paige has her own studio where I could sweat as much as I liked without worrying about what I looked like! She is always happy to help with any nutrition advise and always fits me in for sessions last minute. I would highly recommend Paige as a personal trainer, nothing is too much trouble, you will defiantly look and feel better and it is a bonus that she is such a lovely person. Thanks Paige!!! 

- Bryony Green

Joining Paige was something which fit in perfectly with my everyday lifestyle. Paige is extremely friendly but knows how to push you to achieve your personal goals. On my first session I could barely do any of the exercises, but now after three months with her I have become so much fitter. I am noticing the difference in my stamina. Although I am getting physically fitter, Paige always makes sure we push ourselves in every session, by improving the weaker areas that we struggle in. This means that every time I go I am pushing myself more and more. When I leave I feel completely exhausted because I have worked myself to the maximum and feel better for it. I like the workout programme which is in different sets of three or four exercises. This sometimes means I can catch my breath between the faster paces exercises compared to the slower. Never before have I been able to do one single push up but I am slowly but surely able to do a handful. I would highly recommend NutriPaige to any family/friends because of the low cost training session with great benefits and great the knowledge or exercise. Something you can take away from every session is learning to how an exercise correctly.

- Isabella Stafford

After trying a number of different personal trainers, I finally feel settled and 100% confident working with Paige. She understands what us girls want to achieve and that’s something I’ve found vey hard to find, as these days there seems to be so much pressure on extreme clean eating and exercise programmes that are enough to put most people off!! I mean who wants to eat chicken for breakfast?! But most of all I actually enjoy my sessions with Paige, as I know I’ll be doing something different every time, and she makes them fun. Don’t get me wrong, they are tough, but I come away feeling like I’ve really worked out! As a trainer, there is no one more encouraging, kind and supportive than Paige and she really is a great motivator

- Lucy Burling

Before I started properly working out, I was anxious about starting a personal training course however Paige completely makes you feel at ease, every session is different and Paige is always so lovely and in-tune to your personal needs. All in all working out with Paige has been such a joy, so fun and has changed my outlook on excise. I would 100% recommend!

- Vicki O'Conor

I was really worried about asking advice from a personal trainer at first as I didn't want someone judging my body! But Paige was really nice from the start and made me feel really comfortable in sessions. I really enjoy the motivation in the sessions and know I wouldn't do half the things I succeed in during Paige's sessions if I was at home trying to do the same work out! I feel a lot fitter than I have in a long time and Paige pushes me really hard in every session which although I'm probably not appreciative at the time I am once I've finished! I feel amazing for the whole day which also motivates me more to eat healthy too! Win win 😊

- Jess Walker

Before starting personal training, I was apprehensive to how much it could really change how I felt just doing one 1 hour session a week, but it totally has! I always thought I was quite fit and strong as I dance 3 times a week, but coming to Paige each week has improved my strength, fitness, confidence, and my motivation for exercise and being healthy. She works you hard, but knows your limits and knows how to push you, and she is all about being healthy, happy and strong, rather than shredding pounds as quickly as possible- the scales aren't everything! I won't ever look back on taking on Paige as a personal trainer as I have gained big sister, and a smaller waist!

- Becky Anderson

Sessions with Paige are always amazingly productive and I feel so great at the end of it. We also get to go through the nutrition side and my nutrition plan has come in so handy and has considered all my likes and dislikes! She is so patient and considerate of all your specific wants and needs, and will do anything to help you reach your goal!! She is a professional and relatable personal trainer anyone would want to work with! Choosing Paige as your coach will be the best decision you make.

- Sophie Mullender

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