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I am Level 3 Qualified and Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor certified with REPs (Registered Exercise Professionals) I have studied further into Level 3 Nutrition Consulting, Pre and Post Natal Exercise and Barre Concept. I have a huge passion for what I do an absolutely love helping my clients feel their best. Life is all about balance and I hope to instil these values into everybody I train so they are able to lead healthy, happy lives with no restrictions or fad diets.

Personal Training

It may sound strange but, I didn't become a Personal Trainer because I am obsessed with the gym. I became a personal trainer because I realised the importance of physical exercise to maintain a healthy body. I wanted to share this knowledge and motivation with everybody! Unfortunately, there seems to be a divide in the population of people that eat, sleep, and breathe exercise and people that don't work out at all. My aim is to change this mentality. If you get yourself moving regularly and eat nutritious food you will notice a huge change in not just your appearance, but in your mental state and health. You will gain confidence that you never thought you had, your body will be capable of more than you ever thought possible and of course, you will look and feel fantastic.

What I have grown to love about being a Personal Trainer is not only the relationships and trust I build with my clients, but my ability to help them in many different areas from posture correction, fat loss and influencing positive body image and relationships with food. Yes, I love making my clients get in the best shape of their lives, but there is so much more to being happy and living life to the fullest than just fitting in your size 8 jeans.

My style: All trainers will have their own style based on personal preference and knowledge of the industry. I would describe my style as aiming to turn your body into a 'fat burning machine' The womanly figure is beautiful, we have curves in all the right places that we should be proud of! I will train your body efficiently and effectively by incorporating fat burning, high intensity workouts with toning and resistance training, keeping your heart rate up at all times so you really feel the burn. I will combine exercises to specifically tone the booty, give you sleek and slender arms, sexy inner thighs and a tight core. I also combine these sessions with isolation toning, posture correction, flexibility and core strength to enable you to perform routines to the best of your ability. I will be able to work with all levels of capability to help you achieve your goals. I am truly passionate about what I do and together we can achieve great results! 

What can I help you with?
Posture correction
Weight/Fat loss and management
Core strength and lower back pain correction
Muscle gain and tone
Nutritional Advice
Fitness specific training


Personal Training for 1 hour: I will work your butt off, helping you to reach your fitness goals and achieve your ideal body. (2-3 sessions a week is advised)

Personal Training Price List 2018

Personal Training Session: £35

Personal Training for 2 People: £40 (£20 each)

10 Sessions Block Booking Packages

1 a week: £330 (£33 per session)

2 a week: £310 (£31 per session)

3 a week: £290 (£29 per session)

10 Sessions Block Booking Packages for 2 Clients

1 a week: £375 (£37/ £18.50 each)

2 a week: £355 (£35/ £17.50 each)

3 a week: £335 (£33/ £16.50 each)

Please note that bulk bookings must be used within 6 months

Personalised Nutrition Plan for PT Clients: £25
Gym Based Workouts for PT Clients: £25

The Studio is located in Billericay, Essex. It is a purpose built, private room for clients to work out to their full potential without any distractions. This set up really enables the client to relax and enjoy the experience. One to One attention, just me and you up close and personal! I have styled the ‘chill out’ area for consultations and catch-ups, giving off an inviting and friendly vibe for clients to feel comfortable to chat and let off some steam and discuss goals and nutrition planning and progression.

BONUS! The great thing about having a private studio is that no gym membership is required on top of the cost of a PT.

Equipment: 1-10KG dumbbells, kettlebells 8-12KG, Resistance bands, Weighted straps, Exercise mat x2, Skipping Rope, Aerobic Steps, Bench, Barbell + Studio mirror.

Current Available Hours;
Monday: 8am-10pm
Tuesday: 4pm-10pm
Saturday: 8am-3pm

*subject to availability*

Cancellation Policy + Fee: Please allow at least 24 hours before your session to tell me of any cancellations. I will do my best to accommodate changes in advance however if left to the day I will have to charge the cancellation fee of £15. I am sure you can appreciate this as that hour could have been used with another client. That being said, I am fully aware that things crop up and will not consider a 'one rule fits all' I will be as fair as possible.

If you would like me to be your Trainer or have any further questions, please contact me on or 07753359053, I am based in Billericay, Essex.

I look forward to hearing from you xo

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition and healthy eating was the first thing that drew me into the industry. I began to realise the importance of how your body functions on what you eat and drink. Eating a diet rich in minerals and vitamins, with nutrient dense proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you a quite literally are controlling every aspect of your insides. Everything you eat, in certain combinations make your body function at its optimum. I have written my personal story here on how this lifestyle changed how I look, feel and my attitude towards life in general.

You may wish to see me purely for Nutritional Advice, or incorporate a monthly nutrition session into your schedule. It is so important to keep on top of nutrition. This session will give us the chance to sit down and chat about how you are getting on, suggest improvements and motivate you to keep working hard. I would like this to feel as common as your regular nail appointment. This session you can relax and feel free to discuss anything you would like with any concerns you may have that is affecting your well-being. It is nice to get things off your chest so we can create a lifestyle that works for you.

I will construct a personalised nutrition plan for you to follow and revaluate progress within sessions. The Nutrition Plan aims to educate you on how to eat healthy, for life. I like to think of this as the laid back approach. It is full of information, recipes and tips to help you lead the healthiest lifestyle, with no limitations.

Fit Mums Club; Pre and Post Natal Fitness Classes

Fit Mums Club; Pre and Post Natal Fitness Classes

Why exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise gets your blood flowing, which improves your blood circulation, helping you to avoid swelling. Getting your heartrate up will also help you to limit weight gain during your pregnancy, which will not only help you feel more comfortable, but according to studies it can also improve labour. By maintaining a level of fitness and keeping yourself active you will improve your mood, reduce fatigue and lay the foundations that enable you to get back in shape post pregnancy. I recommend coming to my class once a week and also encourage you go for walks when you can too.

Why exercise Post Natal?

You have carried a baby for 9 months, so your body has gone through some major changes and there are a few key areas we will focus on. These areas will include strengthening your core and pelvic floor muscles, as well as re-establishing posture alignment safely and effectively. We will also allow time at the end to cool down, stretch and even a little meditation to calm your mind for mental clarity before heading back to your hectic schedule.

Pre/Post Natal fitness has to be treated with care so it is important to exercise with a certified specialist in order to workout safely. There are limitations when it comes to exercise after having a baby, however when executed correctly our bodies are very capable of adapting. It just takes a little time, patience and understanding that you will have to go back to basics initially in order to excel further down the line.

I am a new mum of a little girl called Polly, so I am very aware of the impact of having children has on your life (and your body!) Finding the time for yourself can be tricky, but it is very important to give yourself a break. Focusing on your health and wellbeing not only makes you feel amazing but it directly impacts your baby too. You can be the best mum when you feel your best. When you join a class, you also get to meet other mums/mums-to-be, socialise with other like-minded women, and most importantly, have fun!

*To endure any exercise post pregnancy you must be given the all clear by your doctor. It is normally 6 weeks for vaginal births and 12 weeks for c-section.*

Course Bookings

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Class:
Tuesdays at 10:30am at Adagio School of Dance £6 per session booked on a half term basis.

September 5th – October 17th (6 weeks) £36

*Please note I will be on holiday Sep 26th*

October 31st – December 19th (8 weeks) £48

If you would like to book onto the next course, please contact me on 07753359053 or email

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