You know you're a Mum when.. 11 Aug 2017

You know you're a Mum when..

More specifically...You know you’re a Mum of a 7 month old when

When I look back over the last 7 months at how much my life has changed, I can’t help but laugh about the fact that I am in fact, a classic mum stereotypes. We all like to think were a bit different and not like ‘most mums’ but really we are all exactly the same when it comes to the daily grind of being a mum of a baby. Maternity leave is coming to an end quicker than you ever thought you could imagine and it’s now time to leave our little mummy bubble and try to combine our previous working life and our new life all into one manageable experience (Stress!!!). Although the entire process has been magical, and you wouldn’t change it for the world, its bloody hard work! If you ever questioned that being a mum is a full time job…wait until you do it. I’ve written a list of things that I think will be somewhat relatable… please enjoy whilst sipping a hot cup of tea when baby is finally down for their afternoon nap! #mumlife

1. You’ve learnt to eat one handed.

2. In fact - learnt how to do everything one handed.

3. Not showering until past mid-day is fairly normal.

4. You get your eye pulled out its socket by tiny fingers.

5. You are covered in bruises that you have no idea where they came from

6. Coffee.

7. Spending what seems like the majority of your day cooking food that 98% ends up on the floor.

8. Wiping up said food with wet wipes…lots of wet wipes.

9. Washing your hair is only for special occasions.

10. Mastering the 'holding on the hip' position now that your baby can hold it’s own head.

11. Back ache.

12. Showering with the bathroom door shut is pure luxury.

13. You try to fit all of your chores in (quietly) whilst baby is napping for all of 15 minutes.

14. You are acting like a crazy ‘camera mum’ taking 183 photos of your baby just laying there.

15. Another cup of coffee

16. After 9 months of pregnancy, labour and waddling around post birth like you've poo'd yourself... you hear 'wow doesn't she look like her dad' yeah cheers Susan.

17. You think your baby is a genius

18. You and your partner discuss the contents of your babys nappy like it’s the headline news.

19. When your friends baby sleeps for 12 hours at night and you want to punch them in the face. (Friend, not baby) joking.. totally happy for you :)

20. You enjoy Baby Sensory more than your baby does.

21. Your baby is dressed better than you are.

22. When realising ‘weaning poo’ and ‘milk poo’ are very different things.

23. Speaking of poo… waiting for someone to come round so you can finally go yourself!!

24. You’re wondering how long you can get away with relative helping you do your washing and ironing?

Pass this onto your mummy friends to give them a little laugh, as it may be their day they are having a mini breakdown!! (we’ve all had them)

Keep on doing what you're doing, you're amazing!


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