What is 'Clean Eating'? 15 Jan 2014

What is 'Clean Eating'?

In order for your body to function optimally, all of your internal cells need to be fed and nourished. This requires eating nutrient-dense foods like fruit and vegetables, and high energy foods such as carbohydrates. There are tonnes of conflicting opinions in the health and fitness industry about what you should and should not eat, but I have a way of making it simpler. My golden rule is to enjoy foods as close to their natural state as possible. The elimination of processed junk food will cut out unhealthy calories from sugar, fatty acids, preservatives and sulphates which can cause unwanted dietary problems such as heart disease, weight gain, acne, depression, fatigue and so much more. It is important to realise how vital nutrition is to your health. Your body needs to be satisfied with wholesome foods which help to keep everything working; from cell maintenance to regular digestion.
I would like you to challenge yourself and load your plate with green vegetables. Surprise yourself and see how often you can include them in your daily meals!
Read the ingredients!
Fresh produce (no labels required) is always recommended, however some packaged products are great, as long as you are reading the ingredients list and not getting tricked by clever marketing. Once you begin to learn which products are natural, shopping will become so much easier. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when reading the ingredients list:
1. Keep the ingredients to a minimum, if there is a long list, PUT IT DOWN. 
2. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient – DON’T EAT IT. If your brain can’t even comprehend what it is, what chance does your body have? These super long words translate to fake food. We need no extra chemicals to make our food delicious. 
3. Avoid products with added sugars or oils. (eg sunflower and vegetable oil)
I have listed below what each meal should consist of. It is all about the combination of foods together to give you maximum results. The common misconception to ‘cut calories’ in order to lose weight is not the answer. Skipping meals in the hopes of reducing calories puts your body into starvation mode, which in turn will cause you to store more fat when you do eat. If the calories you are eating are feeding your body what it needs, calories become less important. The trouble with calorie counting is that you are restricting your body of food, which sounds simple enough however not all calories are created equal.
I will never refer to eating healthy as a ‘diet’ this is simply eating foods that will give your body the nutrients it needs to function. You should be eating around 5 meals a day which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks in between. The body needs to be fed regularly to keep your metabolism moving and your insulin levels stable. Therefore, eating little and often will keep your blood sugar levels stables and those cravings at bay. 

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