The Wrath of Social Media 25 Aug 2015

The Wrath of Social Media

Is this rapidly growing health and fitness online community becoming counter effective? Is striving to achieve the perfectly balanced lifestyle actually making each day more stressful than it needs to be? Are they as motivational and inspiring as we like to think, or do they have the opposite effect?

We live in a word that is quite literally run by social media. Our account, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is our digital portfolio of what we would like the world (aka our followers) to perceive us as. In reality, it is only the best snippets of our lives we put on display. We all just show off the best versions of ourselves, which is natural of course. Nobody would post a picture having a 'fat day' with greasy hair, laying on the sofa watching endless episodes on Netflix! However, what we forget that these 'instafamous' girls are just the same. You only see what they want you to see. I don't mean to shine a negative light on bloggers, after all I am one too. There are so many inspirational girls I have met through blogging, we are all in this together and strive to help one another succeed. The trouble is, finding the right role model out of hundreds of fitness accounts you follow can be very difficult. It is like a needle in a haystack right?! Which one can we trust fully?

My mission was to share my ethos, helping girls and women just like me to find peace with themselves. To learn how to eat the best foods for their body, to exercise regularly and most importantly be happy in confident in their own skin. Now, since the beginning of, I have in fact never felt truly happy with myself compared to how I once did when my health and fitness journey began. I ask myself how this is possible, how do I know more now than ever before, yet my physique and mental positivity doesn't resemble that? It has come to my realisation that I feel defeated, I have lost my motivation. The pressures of being the best role model possible, has taken it's toll. I put so much pressure on myself to be on my A game 24/7, but just as I preach, it isn't always possible. It hasn't helped me succeed, it has done the opposite. I have never said this out loud, but 'I am a quitter' I always have been. If I am not the best at something, I give up. Now I know this doesn't sound much like a pep talk to my readers, but I am just being honest. I have to force myself to push harder, slap myself when I have negative thoughts about my body and remind myself to appreciate each day.

I too compare myself to others, see what others are achieving and can't help but think 'I might as well give up!' and not just with fitness, but with running my business too. My boyfriend ALWAYS reminds me, 'You are not the only Personal Trainer in the world' which puts things into perspective, yes it is a competitive industry, even more so now than ever. I should let others achieving well inspire me to do better.

Since I have started to pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing, the worse I feel. This is counterproductive in my opinion. Yes these girls look absolutely amazing and they probably work their butts off to get there, (and I congratulate them for it) but they are not you. It is so important to just focus on your own journey. Since when did how many followers you have and who likes your pictures define who you are? My advice is to limit the amount of time you scroll through Instagram a day. Your 'fitspiration' isn't going to help you every step of the way. It is time to focus on yourself. This is exactly what I am going to do too, please join me J

Instagram is just the new media. Instead of companies pitching their products to magazines or splash out on fancy advertising campaigns, they just send a freebie to a blogger to take a selfie with it, and BAM there product is out there. It worries me that followers cannot see through the transparency of these posts. How do we know what is real anymore? Are bloggers slowly loosing credibility because of this? Every blogger means well, they probably started because like me found a passion that they wanted to share with everyone. It is just worrying that it seems nothing is important or worthy unless posted on social media.

That being said, there are amazing bloggers out there that are doing everything to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle that I admire. I love meeting people with the same vision as me and it is so satisfying to know that I am not on my own! My tip is to just be picky with who you follow, and set yourself realistic goals rather than strive to achieve the impossible.

This post is a little different to what I usually write. It is very opinion based rather than factual and informative but I hope that it will touch even just one of you and inspire you to take a step back too and focus on YOU.

Eat right, work hard and HAVE FUN!


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