The Importance of Water 07 Feb 2014

The Importance of Water

I have always been a drinker (non-alcoholic that is), I just get thirsty and live with my water bottle in my hand. However, I am aware that drinking water isn't as easy for some people. I am horrified when clients tell me that only have 1 small glass a day! *Hits Palm to Forehead* There are so many many health benefits to drinking lots of water that I will list below:
1. A clear complexion: Having sufficient fluids within the body helps to replenish skin tissues and keep them hydrated. 
2. Digestion and cleansing: Water helps flush through the food you eat through your body, and ease the chemical process in the digestive system, therefore regulating bowel movements. If you are not consuming enough water, constipation can be very common, so drink up and I am sure you will notice a difference! 
3. Improve Physical Activity: About 75% of your body’s weight consists of water. When you exercise, most of your water loss is through sweat and this water needs to be replaced. Keeping fully hydrated throughout exercise is important to improve performance, and increase electrolytes for that burst of energy. 
4. Weight/Fat Loss: Water is a magical fluid that has no carbs, no calories, no sugar and no fat making this a very unique substance in your diet. That being said, it has so many health benefits – magic right?! Liquid calories are the most common downfalls in most people’s diets. Concentrated juices and fizzy drinks (yes- even diet options) are empty calories. Unless the juice is fresh, you are getting too many additives and a whole heap of sugar, just from a drink. Swapping these drinks for water can reduce your intake of all of those nasty ingredients leaving room for delicious food! 
5. Are you hungry?: Water is filling and lack of it can be mistaken for hunger, therefore over eating. If you are a little peckish, have a glass of water and see how you feel after 20 mins, hunger may pass, if not SNACK AWAY. 
6. Boosts your metabolism: Water, especially ice cold water keeps your metabolism working hard. The lack of this magic liquid will slow down your metabolic rate to conserve energy for your organs, your body needs an adequate amount of water to properly function. 
7. Brain function: The brain itself consists of around 70% water. Dehydration will be one of the causes of headaches. If it is not the cause, it surely will be part of the solution. Keeping your brain hydrated and maintaining the body’s fluid level can help with alertness and concentration.
Now you know how important drinking water actually is, challenge yourself to increase your intake. If you struggle with the flavour, infuse with fruit to make it a little more jazzy.

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