The Correct Footwear 07 Jul 2014

The Correct Footwear

To be able to do the job right, you have gotta have the right stuff! A builder can't build without his tools and a gym girl cannot work out without the right gear.

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Now shoes are the most important part that you need to get right, and I see so many people wearing the incorrect footwear for the activity they are doing. Girls, please please please stop pounding the treadmill in converse, this is doing so much damage to your bones and joints. Although you may not feel it now but as you get older, your bones will become more fragile and if you have abused them from the very beginning, you are not protecting them in the future. You hear this a lot and assume it is just a way of people selling trainers brands, but it is not a myth. It is 100' true.

You need the correct support for you.

I have fallen arches (flat feet) which require a lot more support on the inner of my feet, also needing the trainer to create the arch that i do not have. This helps with the alignment on my knees, all the way up to my spin. Are you getting back pain from running? This could be why. I tried and tested lots of pretty trainers and they just did not work for me. Now don't get me wrong, I love a pair of bright Nike trainers, but I do not wear them when I am running or doing any sort of activity that requires my feet to move at a rapid pace. Since having these trainers, I have gone from a self-proclaimed 'non-runner' because 'I just can't run' to a...well a runner! It's amazing how much they can improve your stride. Now, some of you may not realise you run are a certain way, nor may you have any issue whatsoever, however there are correct shoes out there for everyone.

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How do I know what shoes fit me best? I got referred to Sweatshop or Runners Need, and it was a great idea. Remember when you was little and you got your first pair of Startrite shoes, and got measure on that weird machine? Yeah, this is nothing like that. You put on a pair of trainers and they watch you run on a treadmill, whilst recording your foot steps. Once you have finished you will look back at the tape and see where your feet land, therefore knowing which shoes and level of support are best for you. I thnk I got way too excited buying these (not so groovy) trainers, but they work great and I am very happy with them.

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