Soul Mate Food 26 Apr 2016

Soul Mate Food

Soul Mate Food are a meal prep delivery service that create bespoke nutritional packages for all different purposes from weight loss, maintenance and performance. It takes all the guess work out of eating healthy and getting the macronutrients you need for your body and your goals. I have absolutely loved having this service simply because I have everything I need fully prepared and delivered fresh to my door. You have 2 deliveries a week and every time I get so excited when I open up the box of goodies. The package comes with a menu and each Tupperware box gives you guidance on when and how you should eat that certain meal. They truly have thought of everything. They do not scrimp by on bog standard, average tasting meals. They go full out with so much variety and each meal tastes delicious. Hats off to the Soul Mate Food chefs because I have truly enjoyed every single meal and snack they have given me as they are full of flavour.

The meals come delivered fresh from the box at your doorstep for you to easily transport them all into the fridge.

Malteaser Chia Pudding

Tandoori Quorn with Cucumber, Tomato & Radish Salad

I wish I could have Soul Mate Food every day because it is SO easy, I love coming in from a late night working with clients and just grabbing my dinner out of the fridge and either heating it up or eating it cold, depending on what it is.

I went with the vegetarian weight loss plan for 2 weeks this time just before I leave for my trip, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to cut back a little and make sure I am staying under my macros. I don’t really count macronutrients normally, I just eat healthy and when I’m hungry, but it is a good way to check in every now and then to make sure you aren’t over eating too often.

Five Grain Coconut Porridge & Berry Compote

You can have the 5 or 6 day option of either 3 meals and 2 snacks or without the snack option. You really do have the opportunity to build the best plan that will suit you. I especially liked as mentioned before the variety and creativity of the meals, which has in turn inspired me to recreate for my own meals. As I am vegetarian, it is sometimes hard to find adequate amounts of protein, it’s a lot harder than just eating animal proteins. These meals reassured me I was reaching the correct macronutrients.

Egg and Feta Frittata
Eggs on the go are the easiest things to just pop in your bag and eat whilst on the move.

Thai Green Curry Tofu & Rice Noodles

I like not having anything delivered for the Sunday as it allows you to relax a little or catch up on the odd meals you may have missed during the week due to other (eating) commitments. Plus, everyone deserves a day off of eating ‘off plan’ even if it is because you fancy making protein pancakes that morning.

The only adaption I made was post workout; I made sure I ate the meal with carbohydrates in. If I was to workout in the middle of the day (which is quite normal for me to fit it around training clients) then I would eat the higher carbohydrate meal for lunch, even if it directed to eat for dinner. This is the only changes I made, but I needed to make it suit my lifestyle and training for recovery (and my hunger levels).

Lemon & Pepper Tofu Katsu Curry with Rice

As expected one of the only cons to this service is the price. It isn’t something you can afford on a weekly basis, however saying that it isn’t extortionate in my opinion. Considering the quality and convenience you are getting it’s not a bad investment at all. I think it would be especially good for those who really struggle to make time to meal prep or just to eat regularly throughout the day.

Roasted Veg and Red Pepper Sauce

I found some days that the snacks weren’t enough, I eat lots normally so I struggled from one meal to the next if the snack was small, but as I said before they are always really varied in type of snack from smoothie to crudities and dips. My favourite were these chocolate crunch bites that I had with my afternoon coffee, they were so tasty.

Chocolate Orange Nut Crunch

All in all I have thoroughly enjoyed Soul Mate Food deliveries and would totally recommend them, I will defintley be doing it again in the future. Check out their website to see what sort of plans they can do for you! >>>

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