Rebel Kitchen new Mylk for adults 29 Sep 2014

Rebel Kitchen new Mylk for adults

Rebel Kitchen have brought out new 'adult flavour mylks' which are sooo yummy. They are also bigger (which is better) Although I am still a huge fan of the chocolate, and my loyalty will forever be with chocolate. I really enjoyed the new flavours and adding them into recipes.

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Another great feature of the dairy-free milk drink is that they have a 'screw on' top, so you can sip and save for later as a posed to the child-friendly version that come with a straw.

Chai Mylk Chai mylk just felt like autumn in a cup, I loved the chai spice infusion combined with the coconut milk flavour. It is quite creative and different to anything I had tried before. I used this milk to make a delicious bowl of oats.

Green Tea Mylk If you like cold green tea you will love this new Green Tea Mylk, which is made with Matcha Green Tea. Matcha Green Tea is ground tea leaves which give you all the health benefits of green tea multiplied! It has been said that when removing the green tea bag from your boiled water, you are taking away a large proportion of its nutritional value. With the powder form, the water is absorbing all the essential minerals and vitamins contained.

Mylk Recipes

Chocolate Mylk Protein Shake Chai Mylk Winter Oats 1 small Chocolate Mylk 1/4 cup of oats (or gluten-free oats) 1 scoop of vanilla sun warrior raw protein 3/4 cup of Chai Mylk 1 sliced, frozen banana 1 tea-spoon of chia seeds continuously stir on the hob until desired texture.

Blend it up and top with a sprinkle of blueberries!


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