Poached Eggs on a bed of Kale 20 Aug 2014

Poached Eggs on a bed of Kale

Why these ingredients?

Vitamin A, C and K are abundant in Kale, making it a vegetable superfood. It cleanses your body from toxins and promotes bone health along with the prevention of blood clots. Tomatoes contain vitamin C and contains a powerful antioxidant called Lycopene which helps reduce the risk of some cancers. Fresh orange juice is full of Vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron within the gut. I am slightly iron deficient, regardless of the amount of health foods I eat, sometimes you do just need a little help. I take an iron supplement with a glass of orange juice. When picking orange juices make sure you read the ingredients and that it reads 100' pure orange juice, for the best quality.


Let's get cooking

There are many way to poach an egg, some require a great length of skill, i however use tools for perfectly rounded eggs, from Lakeland Poach Pods. You simply pop the cracked egg in the pods in a pan of boiling water and cook. Be sure to pop the lid on the pan to ensure the top cooks as quick as the bottom.

Serve on a bed of steamed kale, or fries in a little coconut oil or choice of vegetables.

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