Planet Organic Essentials 13 Feb 2015

Planet Organic Essentials

If you have followed me for a while, you will realise I have a slight shopping addiction when it comes to Planet Organic, I always go in with the intention of buying one thing and come out with a whole selection of goodies. It was Friday morning, I got up to do my morning facial cleanse routine and to my horror my face wash had run out! If this wasn't a reason to hit the shops, then I don't know what would be. It is only natural to me that I have a little browse ant the new arrivals and pick up whatever my heart desires, so along with my morning almond milk latte, I also found a new raw foods bar created by Planet Organic themselves, so that went straight into my basket. I chose the chia seed, vanilla and hemp protein bar and I am looking forward to trying it later.

I was also in serious need of raw cacao and new tea, as my afternoon cup of green tea is getting a little dull. (My work supply Twinnings, and it's YUK) Pukka have such a wide range of caffeine-free tea which are so delicious, healthy and warming. I always stick to these in the afternoon and nighttime to avoid caffeine from coffee, tea and even green tea (it has a tiny bit in still). Vanilla Chai is my new favourite.

An obligatory green, cold pressed juice...just because! and Raw Cacao because I had run out, and it is essential to my life to make treats and natural hot chocolate MMM.


I have recently come across the products REN through a friend at work who is obsessed with skin care (as much as I am with health products) so we often share our findings with . She knows her stuff and everything about the ingredients! Ever since I was a teenager, I have suffered with acne. I had tried every method under the sun from facials, to antibiotics and the list goes on. Now, because of the paranoia of ever having acne return, I totally stopped using any products incase they would bring it up. I eat super healthy, and drink lots of water but unfortunately some of us are just prone to it more than others. I stopped using moisturiser and washed my face with pears soup, and that was it! My skin was dull and lifeless, but all I cared about was not bringing back those nasty blemishes. Anyways, I had been advised that not moisturising my skin, in turn was actually making my skin more greasy as it was working harder to produce more oils. I decided to take the plunge and try a new skin care routine, that actually looked after the skin I have. Since then, my skin is bright, clear and glowing and I thank REN for creating such natural and light product that can be used daily, which is keeping my skin cleansed and moisturised. I am starting to build up quite a REN shrine at home, and I love every single product. I recommend this to anybody that has suffered from skin problems in the past, or simply want a good product that cleans your face :) Pictured is the 'Express Make-Up Remover' and 'Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser'. I also have the Day Cream and Night Serum, which are both fantastic!

Keep healthy,

xo Paige

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