We all have problematic areas which carry more fat than others, and women being women are never satisfied with what they have. Women are beautiful in all shapes be it curvaceous with a bigger booty and thighs with an enviable flats stomach, or some carry weight around their middle but have super model long, slender legs. It is the way we are created, and we should be proud of the shape you are. Exercising correctly can enhance your best assets and help to improve those areas that may need a little more work.

In order to fully attack your body shape, you need to ensure that your whole body, including all muscles, progress as a unit. Try not to focus on that one 'problematic' area, you need have a variety of exercises working all of the muscle groups. This can promote muscular balance which also includes flexibility and prevent injuries. Once you are building up a strong body, you will be able to perform exercises easier, progress to a higher levels and see real results.

ALWAYS STRETCH - This is the common part of a workout that often gets missed out but is vital for progression. You want to have full range of motion around your joint to perform exercises correctly. Stretching will need to be before and after your workout. Hamstring and hip flexor stretches are my favourite!

-- USE RESISTANCE - Cardio exercises such as walking, running and using the cross trainer are fantastic for building up your cardiovascular fitness, however will not help enhance your body shape or burn unwanted fat. Cardio is perfect for a short warm up or active rest days, but try to spice up your workouts with using resistance like dumbbells or kettlebells. If your gym has a body pump class, give it a go and pick up some tips and exercises you could use in your own workout times too.

If you use the above tips, you can work on your body becoming strong and turning into a fat burning machine mwoohaha.

I hope you have found this useful!

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Paige xo

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