New Loves // Nike Gymwear 09 Jul 2014

New Loves // Nike Gymwear

I had a little spend up in Nike recently, I promise I 'needed' them. This was partly true, it was starting to get hot out and I couldn't possibly be going to the gym in thick workout leggings. So I needed to invest in a few pairs of shorts (and shoes..and bras.. and trainers, woops)

I have always been a Nike lover, there is a reason why it is one of the leading sportswear brands in the world. It is good quality, fits just right and they are always on trend with new designs and colours.

Head to toe in Nike apparel, this crazy sports bra is great to team with basics. It is super soft and so comfortable. I always look for the most supportive, and this medium impact, to my surprise, holds you together far more than I thought.


Ok so I got a tad obsessed with neon yellow, I bought the trainers and the rest of it just sort of, fell into place. I love the colour black so these pieces with just a hint of yellow are flattering a little different at the same time. The tank is so light and airy, great for working up a hot sweat!

The shorts are 30 pounds, but are on sale for 28 at the moment and the vest is 26 pounds.

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