My Trip to New York 01 Apr 2015

My Trip to New York

This post is not totally health and fitness related, but I just wanted to share a few photos from my trip to New York! I had the best time exploring the city and doing so many fun things. I loved getting up early and having the longest days to be able to fit in as much in as possible. Of course we went shopping, but really I just wanted to experience the culture of NYC, just like a local would. We went to some lovely bars and restaurants, a jazz club, a comedy club and tried as much of the typical 'New York Food' we could. We made a packed when we got there to not eat or drink anywhere that they have in London, and it was great!


The central park tourist shot, a lovely walk through central park on a cold morning. We grabbed a coffee and a pretzel and went on a little adventure. (my coat is Sweaty Betty)

A snap shot of these pretty white air max..


I got some cute little workout outfits, which I absolutely cannot wear at the moment. I mean, where is the summer?! Hurry up so I can get a healthy glow to get my pins out! I went to New York and seriously indulged, but I loved every minute of it! I am back now and getting into my training ready for summer!

image I happened to fall upon an Active Wear event at Saks 5th Avenue. They had a huge range out of so many different brands with models, photo booths and a juice bar. I was very lucky that I was introduced to Adam and Ryan, the designers of APL. There were so lovely, and super cool. They totally showed how to style up a pair of trainers. It was so interesting to chat to them and hear how passionate they are about their brand and products and how they ended up where they are today.


Yes, I did end up with a pair of there fabulous trainers. In purple, naturally. Thy are so comfy and have some snazzy soul split which helps you move (that's what the pros say)

image image

The active wear was obviously amazing, however SO expensive. As you can imagine in Sak's I Guess... I just 'window shopped' in this area :) and snapped a few of my favourite pieces.

image imageimage

I found the Whole Foods Market in Chelsea, NYC. I was like a kid in a candy store, it was huuuuge. I could of spent so much time in there, and brought so much stuff. It was when I realised I would have to attempt to pack it all in my suitcase that had to rethink my strategy and opt for small and compact items that are more important. It was really cool to see brands that I've always wanted to try in the UK (yes I said it was cool, because I am sad like that)


Places to visit in New York;

The Bowery Ballroom This is such a cool venue, a proper New York City gig. We were fortunate enough to have James Bay performing whilst we were out there. I personally wasn't very aware of him but he was sensational. His voice is beautiful and I just had such a fun evening.


230 5th Rooftop Bar

...and of course I LOVE COCKTAILS, I just love them. They are my favourite way to drink. The views in some of the city bars are unreal and day time drinking had never been so much fun. This snap was taken at 230 5th, the rooftop bar is amazing at sunset so I would definitely recommend to anybody.


The Empire Hotel If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, make sure you hit up The Empire Hotel and have some amazing cocktails. The bar staff are super nice and made up a variety of different cocktails for me. At 4pm they have happy hour, even on oysters. I tried them for the first time out here and they are amazing.


The Natural History Museum


Quick low down:

Juice Generation - health spot for lovely juices 
Tao a posh restaurant but pretty swanky and the food was unreal.
Joe's Pizza, Chelsea. (Leonardo Dicaprio has eaten there!!!)
GROM Gelato - Organic and homemade ice cream, so delicious.
Buffalo Wild Wings - A sports bar that serves a crazy amount of different flavoured buffalo wings.
Serendipity - frozen hot chocolate!!!!!

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