Lifestyle: A Positive Body Image 15 Jul 2015

Lifestyle: A Positive Body Image

"A positive body image means to be happy about the way you look and feel good about your body and carry yourself with pride.

It is very easy to pick holes in what we don't like about our bodies, be it the size of our thighs, stomachs or arms to our height, build and boob size. Do we ever stop and look at ourselves in the mirror and say? 'You have beautiful hair' 'My makeup looks lovely today!' or 'This dress really suits my body shape'.


I was a huge 'self-body shamer'. I would constantly look in the mirror and look for things to improve on, that were beyond my control. This only leads to unachievable goals, failure and disappointment. It's a vicious circle that I am sure so many of you reading this have been through at some point in your lives. As soon as you start loving yourself for who you are, the more you can just enjoy life without worrying about your appearance. This was a major change for me, on a whole new level than just wanting to 'tone up' I started to see the world differently. I began to see people more clearly, wanting to interact more and as weirdly spiritual it may sound, it changed my entire personality. I was able to be a nicer person with the ability to encourage others to do the same without feeling jealous. I wanted to share this happiness with everyone around me... that is where began.

I change my mind about what I think of the media each day. Sometimes I realise that without it, my Instagram account (and lovely followers) my website and my business would not exist. We live in a world where everything is at a click of a button. We can't even get away from pictures of celebrities on the beach, or 'how to lose weight tips' in the magazines because they just pop up when we are swiping through our Instagram feed. It upsets me to see people screen shot a so called 'fit-spiration' and have it as their motivation to hit the gym. I mean of course if that is what helps you get your butt moving, but is that not just an unrealistic goal to set ourselves for failure? Do we realise the deeper damage that image may be doing do our own self-worth? Are you really ever going to look like a 6 ft Victorias' secret model? There is a 99' chance we won't, so why would we compare ourselves to them? We are our own person, with our own strengths and it is about time we start just focusing on exactly that, ourselves.

  1. Appreciate what you have: Look in the mirror and tell yourself your qualities
  2. Set achievable goals: This does not always have to be appearance related.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others: You don't need to look like anybody else, you are fabulous!
  4. Stop thinking of drastic changes, focus on small improvements only.
  5. Enjoy the journey: The end result will not bring happiness, it is how you get there.
  6. Surround yourself with empowering, loving and caring people.
  7. Don't forget to SMILE

We all have bad days, it is just important to pick ourselves up and remind ourselves of how far we have come!

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