January Favourites 22 Jan 2016

January Favourites

2016 is the year I commit to blogging. I absolutely love sharing new things, places and products with anybody who would listen, from clients to friends and now you lovely readers. That is why I originally started this blog so I could advise the best products that suit a super healthy (and fun) lifestyle. I also have a keen interest in fashion and make-up which I will be involving more into my posts if that is what you would like to see. Obviously fitness is a must, that is my career after all... so I will be throwing in my favourite exercises of the month too.

100' Maple Syrup I don't know about you, but Costco is just a world of fun. I got a little bit carried away on my last trip and picked up bulk loads of stuff. It's funny how you can just buy 100s of one item... or even a product that is size XL. I love maple syrup as it is a great natural way of sweetening up foods like greek yoghurt, pancakes or adding to banking. I think this tub is going to last me a life time at 1 Litre.

Charlotte Tilburys Magic Cream + Wonder Glow I am a pretty basic bitch when it comes to make up. The majority of the week in fact I don't wear any, and my clients get the privilege of seeing my bare, pale face on a weekly basis. However, when I go out, I do like to jazz it up a bit, so I have been trialling a few products. I asked for a Charlotte Tilbury make-up set for Christmas which came with a high lighter kit, mini lipsticks, a brush and a couple more bits but my two favourite WONDERGLOW products have to be Charlottes Magic Cream (£70) and Wonder Glow. They go underneath you 'normal' face make up routine and brings and instant glow. My friends noticed straight away that I had done something different with my make-up, which was a great feeling. I highly recommend both of these products, so I have linked below. (I do not get paid any commission for my recommendations)

Sweaty Betty Printed Yoga Set

The new Sweaty Betty collection is beautiful, these print leggings are unbeleivably comfortable, I am just wearing them around the house today whilst i am doing some work and a few errands to fun. I love how fitness apparel is becoming so fashionable and versatile. You can go from the gym to the supermarket and to meet your friend for a coffee without having to worry about changing into something more 'acceptable' because, let's face it... it still looks pretty damn cool. These leggings have a cool mesh panel down the side too which gives an edgey touch. I have paired these leggings with the matching yoga vest which is slouchy and comfy too. Over the top is the new Yoga jumper from New Look. I must say I am very impressed with their new collection and the quality of the pieces are getting better and better.


Yoga Jumper: New Look - Leggings: Sweaty Betty - Vest: Sweaty Betty[/caption]

Planet Organic Raw 46 Rawkin'Roons These are the perfect little snack to have with your afternoon cup of tea, or with nut butter. They are refined sugar free and made with desiccated coconut, almonds, salt, cacao powder, oil and water... that is it. I had about 5 packs of these gifted to me for Christmas, and I am on my last box (DAMMIT!) They can taste a little like cardboard, not going lie. However, the Chocolate Chip flavour are really nice.Rawkin Roons

Single Arm Kettlebell swings

Playing around with kettlebells are such a great workout. You can use it for so many things and can be as adventurous as you like, by sticking to just the simple rules. Use your core, squeeze your bum and thrust those hips. They are amazing to build up core and back strength simultaneously whilst building up your heart rate. Swings are fab and a great addition to your workout, but single arm swings are even better (aka harder). When swinging make sure you are leading with your chest, engaging your core and letting the bell swing freely without force from your arms.

Organic Traditions Cacao Pasta I am a major chocolate monster, I absolutely love a good bit of chocolate on any occasion. There is always an excuse for chocolate. My boyfriend finds it hilarious how my whole face lights up when chocolate is on the cards... Now although I am firm believer of everything in moderation, it is always a better option to find healthy alternatives.cacao powder and paste Cacao is chocolate in it's most natural form, before all the added sugars and other rubbish that are added into them to make the chocolate bars we all know and love. Cacao has been a staple of mine for year, but it wasn't until this year was I introduced to Cacao Pasta. A client of mine is a health freak (like me) and mentioned cacao pasta that she puts in her oats.

Once she told me they are just like chocolate buttons she had me hooked. I have been adding them to my morning oats ever since and they are to die for. If you are looking for that chocolate fix, this in warm oats is just melty goodness. It will absolutely do the trick.

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