I am Travelling the World! 26 Feb 2016

I am Travelling the World!

It’s official! I will be swapping my Chanel bag for a backpack and will be travelling the world from May 2016. It has been a pretty crazy month where all plans done a 180. I have deciding to take a break from the working life and go and explore. Originally, travelling has ever been on my ‘to-do’ list, I thought it would be an amazing experience for others, but just wasn’t for me. I had found a career that I loved and was doing really well running a successful business.
However, my boyfriend Jack had always wanted to go and travel the world, so being the amazing girlfriend that I am (lol) I told him to follow his dreams. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions knowing we was going to be apart for so long, but the bottom line was I wanted him to be happy and fulfilled. I didn’t foresee this trip ruining our pretty great relationship, so off he went in January 2016 to backpack across the world, first stop; India. It has been about 5 weeks now and although I am keeping busy and have an amazing group of friends around me, it is getting quite tough being so distant from each other. The plan was to visit him and his friends in various countries that I wanted to see such as Thailand and Australia, which were on my bucket list. I think it got to all of 1-2 weeks into Jacks trip when we both mutually decided for me to join this life adventure. I surprised myself how well I was handling him being away but It all started to make sense to just be with him. Now I just couldn’t see myself working day in/day out whilst he was having the time of his life. Now we are going to be able to enjoy this experience together and make memories that will last a lifetime. I still have 10 weeks to go, which in the grand scheme of things, is not that long at all. This is where the preparation has begun from applying for an AUS Visa, to Travel Insurance and booking my vaccinations... those are the boring parts. I have already been preparing my clothes and toiletries because I have never been known to be a ‘light packer’ so this is going to take some serious willpower not to keep chucking in extra face creams or pretty tops ‘just in case’. I don’t like packing last minute so I am slowly accumulating the essentials.

I had 2 rules given to me once my flight was booked;
1. Accept that we will have to stay in hostels
2. Expect to carry your backpack YOURSELF, so pack light.
Two very basic, yet funny comments from a loving boyfriend… I really think I am going to surprise him how well I can adapt to this environment.

I absolutely love going on holiday and visiting different countries...but always with a return date. This is going to be the biggest change I am ever going to make in my life and now I have it booked, I can’t wait! It was a super hard decision to postpone NutriPaige the Personal Trainer, and really sad having to say TTFN to my lovely and loyal clients, but they all couldn’t be more supportive and I love them for that. I really believe that this trip is going to shape me into the best version of myself, getting to experience the wonders of the world, relax and enjoy myself.

I will continue to blog from around the world from beach workouts, to healthy hot spots and activities I’ve enjoyed, so if you find any of this interesting I will keep you updated.

Thailand > Malaysia > Indonesia > Australia > New Zealand

Lots of love,

Paige xo

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