HIIT Workout; Leg Day 02 Mar 2015

HIIT Workout; Leg Day

My workout routine is so varied, I wouldn't say I have a certain style because I think it is important to mix it up to benefit from lots of different techniques. Strength training is awesome for building up, well strength obviously. It isn't my 'go-to' but is important to fit it in because the stronger you are, the better you are able to move and do crazy exercises in a high intensity session. I love regular cardio like a fast walk or job as it uses your aerobic system, meaning you are getting oxygen into your system, which is what keeps us alive and healthy! :) anaerobic workouts like HIIT are designed to keep your heart rate up, whilst performing lower intenisty moves for ultimate calorie burn. This is my favourite as you can get in such a good workout into a small space of time. I use this method with my clients because I like to make the most out of the time I have with them, pushing them over their limits (aka making them hate me).


Warm Up:
1 minute of skipping 30 seconds high knees 30 seconds star jumps REPEAT x3

15 jump squats 
20 weighted lunges 
10 burpees 
20 bench step ups 


This workout is a great starting point if you are just beginning to incorporate HIIT into your routine. It is short, works lots of muscles and your heart rate should be super high! I would then follow this workout with some isometric exercises such as weighted side lunges, glute kick backs and leg extensions.

Now it is time to stretch out those legs to avoid any injuries, perhaps some yoga for relaxation too?

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