Fitness: Change is Uncomfortable 16 Mar 2016

Fitness: Change is Uncomfortable

Working out for most people isn’t their most favourite thing to do, it is just a necessity of life. So you want to at least enjoy (or learn to enjoy) the exercises you are doing. I always say be a ‘Jack of all trades’ because it is best to mix up your workout styles because they all compliment each other from strength training with weights in resistance workouts to flexibility by practicing yoga, pilates and/or stretch sessions, the variations will keep things interesting and target different areas giving your body a well-rounded workout style for optimum performance. You don’t have to settle for the same mundane workouts week in/week out, so try something new. Try out new classes with friends until you find what you enjoy and find beneficial. 

Change is uncomfortable, because if you found it easy it wouldn’t be worth it! Your muscles want to be shocked and worked to their full potential, they are capable of way more than your mind leads them to believe, so with just positive affirmations and deep motivation from within, you can push yourself to your limits.

Don’t get disheartened, use that passion to work hard and take yourself to next level. I often hear my clients mutter to themselves ‘oh for gods sake’ or ‘I’m so rubbish’ or ‘I feel pathetic and weak’ because they are finding it difficult, but this is a good thing. I will always remind them that it is supposed to feel that way, that is when you see the most change so learn to love the feeling. It is very easy to stop yourself when it gets a little tough but that is the key moment when you need to take a deep breath and power through. This leads me onto my next point about getting sweaty… Now not all workout styles are designed for maximum calorie burn, as mentioned earlier there are a number of different training styles that specifically target different areas so working to your heart rate max isn’t always the goal. However, if you are doing LSD cardio or HIIT, you want to get sweaty and enjoy that feeling of being at your peak and having to control your breathing.

When you decide ‘right I am gonna to do this sh*t’ and start eating healthy and going to the gym more and taking this whole healthy lifestyle a little more serious… you are super motivated. It could then get to like 2-3 weeks in and the drive disintegrates and you contemplate if this is even worth your time. I promise you it is, if you haven’t already started seeing results, don’t give up! Your time will come, consistency is key and you probably wont see any real results until 4-6 week into your ‘serious training mode’ so just keep going, you are doing great! Once the results start to show it gives you that boost and reason to carry on because all of your hard work is paying off. You may then want to ramp up your schedule a bit more, making moves a little harder and generally increasing your ability allows you to take that step further. Small improvements make big changes, remember that.

Refueling your body with the correct nutrients I just as important as the workouts itself. Make sure you are feeding your muscles with exactly what it needs to recover. Protein + Carbohydrates post workout restore your glycogen levels that have been depleted and replenish your muscles with protein to aid recovery. Oh and obviously… don’t forget to re-hydrate throughout and after your workout.

Keep up the good work babe, you are doing great!

xo Paige 

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