Event: New Look Sport x House of Voga 17 Aug 2015

Event: New Look Sport x House of Voga

If you enjoy Yoga, have you ever tried Voga?! a mix of your traditional yoga moves, to 80's music and Vogue dance moves all combined with a whole lot of sass. I admit, you do need a fair bit of natural rhythm to get down and funky and really get into it however, it is a lot of fun even if you do struggle to keep up. It is mad to think how much you can ache from a session of stretching and deep conditioning. The class was run by the amazing Juliet Murrell that runs classes around London.


A surprisingly sweaty session, the wonderful New Look PR Team out on a delicious breakfast spread. Smoothies, juices, granola, greek yoghurt, fruit and eggs, plenty to keep our stomachs and taste buds satisfied.

Let's get to my other favourite topic other than exercise, food.. gym clothesimage :) 

New Look have released a lovely range Sports bras and leggings to water bottles and yoga matts. They are all of a lovely softy, quality and such a reasonable price. It is a shame that active wear can be so over priced but New Look have really done it well. I was lucky enough to get to try out a few pieces. I will be posting snaps of all of my favourite new outfits from New Look on my instagram @NutriPaige. This link can send you straight to the page so you can get shopping! >>

New Look x Sport

Pink Space Dye Yoga Crop Top  | New Look

Leopard Print Holdall Bag  Pink Space Yoga Crop Top

Black Leopard Print Quilted Holdall Bag  | New Look

I love their casual vests with coo slogans on like 'Gym Is My Boyfriend' and 'Yoga made me do it'


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