DON'T LOOK - I'M NAKD 11 Feb 2014


I first discovered Nakd bars when shopping with a friend in Holland and Barrett for healthy snacks. She has a wheat intollerance so these caught our eye and we have been eating them ever since, this was about 6 years ago now.

Over the last couple of years Nakd Wholefoods have introduced a variety of new flavours. Nakd bars are now a staple in my diet, they are perfect for an afternoon snack with a cup of green tea. (I even carry them in my clutch on a night out - What can I say?! I get hungry)

What is so good about Nakd bars? - The ingredient list is short, made of all natural ingredients. Nakd now have a wide variety of tasty flavours - Guilt-free. They have no added sugar and also offer protein enhanced options. You can find Nakd bars pretty much everywhere now; most supermarkets, cafes and health stores

Wheat, Gluten and Dairy FREE and 100% Vegan

I got my hands on this collection online at to test out all the flavours available. Let the Nakd-ness commence.

My favourite flavour: Cashew Cookie

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