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Doisy & Dam

Super Chocolate does exist

“We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice health to find indulgence. We promise all our products will be naturally better for you with no unnecessary ingredients, but most of all they’ll always be absolutely delicious. We love it, we think you will too” Ed and Richard Doisy & Dam.

I will never tell someone to cut out ‘bad’ food completely. If you are living a predominately healthy lifestyle, a bit of chocolate here and there will do no harm. I for one am partial to a couple of squares of dark chocolate with a cup of tea in the evening. I have got into the habit of lighting a candle and watching Netflix in bed with a Doisy & Dam bar… I probably need to get a life. Doisy & Dam is the answer for all chocolate lovers because not only is it a great healthy alternative, it actually tastes so good too. The now have a wide variety of flavours that I am quite happily sampling for you guys, and I can’t quite pick my favourite just yet although I do love the Goji and Orange.

Why Doisy & Dam?
They have hit the nail on the head mixing indulgence with health. The list of ingredients is short and made with organic products and additive free. Most bars are Vegan and all made with pure cacao in different percentages. You can now treat yourself to chocolate in moderation without feeling any guilt. Most mainstream chocolate bars are loaded with sugars, additives and preservatives. Doisy & Dam have limited the amount of processed sugar to keep them as good for our health (and waistlines) as possible.

Mulberries, black sesame & Spirulina (74%)
Coconut & Lucuma (74%)
Ginger, Chilli Flakes & Hemp seed (74%)
Goji & Orange (74%)
Maca, Vanilla & Cacao nibs (74%)
Coffee & Sprouted Buckwheat (39%)
Roasted Cacao nibs (39%)
Quinoa, smoked tea & Vanilla (39%)
Lemon, Poppy seed & Baobab (30%)
Date & Himalayan salt (39%)

Why Cacao?

Cacao is the product of a plant that makes the chocolate we all know and love, but before it gets processed. It is chocolate in it’s most natural form therefore in it’s healthiest form. It isn’t just ‘not bad for you’ cacao has some amazing health benefits too, including having a higher antioxidant level as blueberries which reduce the risk of cancer, lower LDL cholesterol levels and improves heart function. Yes, this means technically cacao is good for you.

Doisy & Dam Superfoods - get to know!


Our goji berries are ethically grown in northern China, just as they have been for centuries. They are a good source of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Iron and taste delish.


Our organic Peruvian maca root powder provides a source of calcium, iron and vitamin B2. Don't quote us, but it's also apparently a big libido booster... :)


Spirulina is a blue-green algae, two thirds of which is pure protein. This deep green powder is also a source of vitamin B12, iron and magnesium. Algae may not sound too appealing but trust us, you'll love this superdelicious combo!


Our hemp seeds contain nearly all of the essential fatty acids we need, as well as providing a perfect vegan source of complete protein... P.S no matter how much you eat we promise you won't get high...


Lucuma is a superdeliciousfruit native to the Peruvian Andes. Packed full of nutrients, it's a good source of potassium, iron, zinc and B vitamins.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, this salt is the purist of them all! It’s been protected by lava for millions of years to keep it free from impurities. It also contains 84 minerals to help detoxify your body.


Our cacao nibs come from rare Criollo beans – lightly roasted, separated from their husks and broken into bite-size pieces. You’ll find the delish dark and rich chocolate flavour combined with a tantalising crumbly texture is irresistible!


Buckwheat is a small but mighty pseudocereal originating from China 8,000 years ago. We sprout ours to let these little grains come alive, unleashing their goodness and easing digestion. You’ll love the crunchy-coffee combo!


Deemed the ‘Mother Grain’ by the Incas, quinoa has been fuelling most of Central America for thousands of years. It’s packed full of all essential amino acids and disease-fighting flavonoids.


The iconic baobab tree, found primarily in tropical Africa, produces a delicious and tangy fruit pod bursting with goodness. Almost 50% fibre, packed with calcium and an excellent source of vitamin C – what’s not to love?

*This post is based purely on my personal opinion and information from the product website. I have not received payment in exchange of post, I write these reviews to help clients, followers and readers to find products to help them lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle, I enjoy finding products I love to share*

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