Cayenne Chicken and Soy Vegetables 17 Feb 2014

Cayenne Chicken and Soy Vegetables

Protein + Veggies = Dinner Time :)

Chicken and Veg can get a tad boring if you have it too often, so I like to find different ways of spicing it up a bit.. enter Cayenne Pepper*.

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Ingredients Chicken Breast (1 per serving) Cayenne Pepper Cajun Spice Mix Courgettes Broccoli Stems Peppers Mushrooms Liquid Amino/Low Sodium Soya Sauce

Instructions 1) To make the Chicken juicy and tender, beat with a rolling pin to flatten the breast. 2) Spinkle on Cayenne Pepper and Cajun spice mix on both sides of the breasts. 3) Cut up all your choice of vegetables 4) Fry chicken on pan, using low-cal oil spray 5) Whilst Chicken is frying, spray a wok with oil spray, let it heat up and then throw in the veg 6) For flavour dizzle Liquid Amino* or Low Sodium Soy Sauce to your vegetables mix, continue to cook until ready to serve.

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Cayenne Pepper* is a spice with many health benefits including cleansing of the arteries, regulating blood pressure and increasing the metabolism.

Liquid Amino* is a liquid protein made from the Soybean, it is a naturally occuring product and a great alternative to Soy Sauce. I use Bragg Liquid Aminos which is available to buy from WholeFoods, Plaent Organic, Amazon or online UK stores.

Bragg Liquid Aminos contains:

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