Caveman Cookies 22 Oct 2014

Caveman Cookies

I came across Caveman Cookies when they were giving out samples in Planet Organic (my second home) the man serving me must have thought I was a nut job, asking a million and one questions about this tiny piece of cookie. Nether the less I had made up my mind that they were NUTRIPAIGE APPROVED and just had to buy a box. . They have a fantastic flavour and deliciously chewy. I got very excited about these and was on a mission for the entire collection. I have now sampled all flavours and LOVE them all.

These individually wrapped cookies were exactly what I needed to curb my sweet tooth cravings. I have got into the habit of finishing work, getting in my PJs, putting on my scented candles and climbing into bed with a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits.

These cookies are made of all natural ingredients with no added nasty-ness, are gluten and lactose free.

Alpine Caveman CookiesOriginal Caveman Cookies

Do they sell Caveman Cookies in the UK?
Yes! They are available at Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Nutricentre. You can also find them online at:

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