I have rambled slightly over on my instagram page about the pressure of social media and how it influences us without evening knowing it, editing photos and self love. I get passionate about a topic in my head and I often just go for a walk to clear my head and write all of my feelings down in the notes on my phone. It is the best way to get out my thoughts and frustrations in an articulated manor. I hope that even the insignificant things I write can resonate with those who read it. Instead of trying to be something we are not and fall into the trap of what society deems as perfect, why dont we just be us? like it or lump it. Although, I would prefer to like it, wouldn't you?

I kinda wanna embrace being body confident / kinda hating this photo at the same time.

When flicking through a few images on my camera, i mentally removed them as an option to post but then I realised I'm being such a hypocrite. Now we've all seen these comparison photos of 'Instagram vs reality' with brave social media influencers bearing their 'unphotogenic' angles which is great! The world of social media is becoming just a tiny bit more transparent. Let's try and step it up a notch.. why don't we be all make the conscious effort to be more real; always?! The idea of the perfect body does unfortunately stem from the mass media.. the model with slim legs, a big butt and a flat stomach with abs. Why do large, influential companies not try and also be more real? Do we need to photoshop out stretch marks, make waists smaller and butts bigger? The more we see real bodies, it can become the new normal. 

Accesories: Birkenstocks, ASOS Sunglasses, Mulberry Bag

On that note, I will try and contribute towards this change by posting this image with my stomach out... my least favourite part of my body with a roll over the trousers, me at my most vulnerable. instead of discarding the image or using Photoshop... I'm just going to post it anyway (and cringe a little inside whilst I do so) and hope that this sparks a change, even if it's just to one person. If we want to make a difference in this world, not matter how big or small... it has to start somewhere.

I can proudly say I havent edited my photos for any of these images, but isnt it weird how we generally have to state '#nofilter #nophotoshop' to everyday images let alone ones that are set up and posed for?!! Instead of complating about it, I am just going to do my thang and hope it inspires girls/women, even just makes them them think a slight second longer before critising themselves for not looking like somebody else.. it is time we embrace ourselves, self hate is not going to get us anywherere, nor will it contribute to making our lives the best they can be, it will only make it that bit harder.

Sunglasses: ASOS

A little fact about me is that I studied at the Fashion Retail Academy when I left school, because I loved clothes! It was my thing, I loved experimenting with outfits, being on top of the new trends and it just seemed like the perfect step into the career I wanted. Fast forward about 6 years, I have totally changed my career path (twice, in fact) and although now my passion is with health and fitness, I still also love clothes. Fashion changes so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with sometimes, I just go with what I like and what I feel most comfortable in. Now that I am a Personal Trainer, I spend 80% of my time in ‘active wear’ so I do treat myself to a few staple items that potentially are little more pricey because I know they will last me a while… and after all it is my uniform at the end of that day! (can I use that excuse? Thanks) If you have read any of my previous posts or follow me on social media, I will always be in Sweaty Betty. 

Oxblood is my absolute favourite colour of all time and this collection is actually beautiful. The Stamina sports bra is sooo comfy I often wear ones liek this on a day to day basis or when im teaching... although not exactly 'high impact' support so I don't wear when I train myself but love them to wear casually. Now I am getting back into work after having Polly I have treated myself to a few new bits.

Sweaty Betty: The Assemble Knit Hoody, Infinity Sports Bra and Shorts + Connverse

It is just such amazing quality and the pieces I buy seem to last forever! It also helps that the styles they bring out are just me all over. (100% my type on paper) they combine trend, style and functionality all in one, so I will always be loyal to Sweaty Betty for that reason. As I said, I spend most of my life in gym stuff, be it a comfy sports bra, to leggings whilst im loungeing around the house or running errands.

Sweaty Betty: Yoga Trouser + Stamina Sports Bra

The photo above, I probably would never wear a crop top just walking about town... I am more of a 'get your pins out' kinda of girl, and wear a baggy top so that outfit is totally out of my comfort zone. I would actually wear this with maybe a denim jacket or baggy denim shirt to cover up.


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