Are you eating enough carbohydrates?! 10 Apr 2015

Are you eating enough carbohydrates?!

Do you find yourself craving bad foods at nighttime? Have you had a 'healthy week' and find yourself bingeing on the weekend? This is because you are not eating enough. It is very common for people to under eat at the moment, and it is through crazy fad diets and studies from 30 years ago that people are basing their knowledge on. Often different nutritional concepts are taken out of context and published as a headline, which gets people SO confused. One day butter is bad, the next it is the best thing since sliced bread! I know it can be totally confusing, and I even get confused. We have be blasted with information for so many years about calorie controlling your diet, which in some ways this is an aspect of maintaining a healthy weight but what is forgotten is that the foods eaten need to be nutrient dense. You need to be getting enough carbohydrates for your body to use as energy and to function properly. Cutting calories but eating crap is not going to help you here. It may do in the short term, but you'll put it straight back on. All that you had lost was water weight and before you know it your back to where you started looking back on pictures thinking 'man i wish i still looked like that' You may blame your own self control or willpower for not being able to stick to this 'healthy' diet. I am writing now to tell you that it is not your brain that is at fault here, it is what you are eating in the long term that is contributing to cravings. Carbohydrates are what gives your body energy, it converts into glucose to the brain which transmits all over the body. It is worrying that the way to 'cut calories' seems to be to stop eating carbohydrates, but really it is quite the opposite.

Starch Starch Starch, let it be your friend again! I promise you, it is here to help. It will have amazing positive changes on your energy level, bowel movements and food satisfaction. I want to get this straight, CARBS DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT! I am talking about potatoes, sweet potato, whole grains, pasta, rice, quinoa, fruit, vegetables and so on and so forth... don't be scared of them.

Pre workout snack? A banana! Bananas are amazing and if you don't like them.. you really should start they are good, natural source of energy and can be made into so many meals and snacks.

If I have a client slacking a bit in their session, or I noticed their level of concentration isn't the same as usual, i ask what they ate that day. I often find that they didn't have time for breakfast that day, or they havent eaten since lunchtime (and this is 8pm in the evening) no wonder you have no energy! You have none left.. and this goes for general activities as well, not just exercising. You could be at work or studying and find your mind is wandering.. you are hungry hunny!! I often describe this as a 'domino effect' What i mean by this is that what you didn't eat that morning, will come back and bite you in the a*s later on, I promise. There is absolutely no tricking the body here, it will always catch up with you. consistency is key for seeing results and most importantly maintaining them. Have you ever had a little salad for lunch and straight after think 'hmm im hungry, what can I eat next... HELLO VENDING MACHINE!'?? Yeah that is because you didn't eat enough. What was the point of your lunch if you are still hungry afterwards and end up sitting starving until dinner? Where is the sense or logic behind that? We have to stop seeing hunger as a bad thing, your body is telling you it needs more food, so feed it! Just make sure it is good, clean, wholesome foods that your body and waistline will love.

Ok so you may be reading this like, noooo she's crazy! I am a little crazy, but I know what I am talking about here :) As I always say, get your booty moving, make good choices, eat your greens and drink lots of water and you are on the right track! Do not over complicate things, just take each day as it comes.

I hope you found this little post helpful, let me know if you have any questions

lots of love

Paige x

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