April Favorites! 13 Apr 2016

April Favorites!

My April favourites is a chance for me to share with you what I am loving this month. From food to fitness to fashion and everything in between J

If you didn’t already know, I am going travelling soon (eeeek) so I’ve not exactly been shopping like I normally do, my priorities have totally changed. I am shopping minimal and practical, something that does not come easy to me. However, it’s quite nice having to ‘fit the brief’ rather than filling my ASOS basket with a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

The ‘Protein Chocolate’ that you didn’t realise was a thing. Why on my favourites list? Because I love chocolate basically and it’s a perfect little high protein treat if you kicked butt in your workout that day! @cocoa.plus 

Pukka ‘Clean Green’ Tea
Just another green tea with a little bit of sass. There is something about that twang of ginger that makes me feel like the epitome of health lol. Green Tea with lemon and ginger is a good combo so I definitely recommend trying it out. It is revitalising and fresh, a perfect tea to start off the day especially now summer is approaching,

Sweaty Betty Bra
It is no secret that Sweaty Betty is my favourite active wear brand. The quality is amazing and I look forward to when the new season drops. Keeping in theme with ‘practical’ clothes, I absolutely LOVE this new sports bra. It is unbelievably comfy and supportive so is a DEFO in my pile of clothes to pack. The cute neon straps at the back jazzy up a simple style, I am thinking maybe with a backless, baggy vest top and shorts would look good together. I actually wear sports bras whenever I can get away with it…
Sweaty Betty Infinity Workout Bra

Sony MDRZX310 Headphones
I bit the bullet and finally got myself a ‘proper’ set of headphones. I have always found the apple earphones so uncomfortable in my right ear (specifically) and I thought if I am going to be using them a lot on my travels I am just going to get a new pair. I have recently got really into listening to Podcasts so I am using them a lot more than I used to.

Adidas Cap
Fashion + Function... so as I am going to be in the sun for the next 9 months I needed a cap or something to keep my face protected from the sun. I have had my eye on an Adidas cap anyways so this was the perfect excuse and I feel like a bad-ass when I wear it. WIN/WIN in my opinion.

PINK Phone Case
It's not exactly the most motivational phone case ever but I quite liked it :) plus is rubbery so I can drop it and nothing happens! Plus, I just love everything Victoria's Secret.

*I do not receive any payment or commission from the brands in this post, they are purely based on my opinion and passion for sharing the things I love*

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