Almond Milk 10 Feb 2014

Almond Milk

For a healthy, balanced diet you need to incorporate good fats ad Almonds are highly recommended to snack on because of this, along with the fact they are yummy, filling, a plant based protein, and with no help at all, almonds are a good source of Iron, Calcium and Fibre - naturally!

Lactose is the product in dairy is a common intolerance. It has been suggested that all adults are slightly intolerant to lactose and should not consume too much on a daily basis. I try to restrict my dairy intake as much as possible by swapping it for Almond milk in my cereals, pancakes and coffee. I strongly disagree with the consumption of dairy as it is highly acidic, I have done plenty of reading and research on the topic and although the it is essential in the opinion of 'government standards' it just doesn'tsit well in modern society with the knowledge and scientific studies that have proven what dairy does actually do to your body. Have you ever stopped and thought why we are the ONLY animal on the planet that drinks another animals milk, does that not sound a bit weird to you? It isn't a natural process and if it was conveniently put in a carton for you to pick up at the supermarket, you wouldn't be able to get it without farming yourself.

ok so we have established I do not think we should consume dairy, however I am not one to try and push my views on others. I share my knowledge with you so you can make your own decisions base don personal preference.

What does almond milk taste like? NUTTY! - go figure. Its a deliciously light, creamy blend of nutty goodness which could actually add more flavour to your oats than regular milk.

When suggesting to cut out regular milk, the biggest question I get is 'What about my Calcium?' but as explained earlier, Almonds are a source of calcium too, so whats your argument now?

When looking for an almond milk, you want to go for the 'unsweetened' option' as regular may have added sugars for flavours. You can find Almond Breeze in almost all supermarkets now - unsweetened. I also love Rude Health, they do a great selection of natural, dairy-free milks.

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